Sydney Airport

So it’s July 1st and I have packed my bags at least a dozen times for my long trip to Europe. First Stop Doha on a layover to Munich. I headed to Sydney airport at 6pm and attended my check in with Qatar Airways Business Class. The airport was very busy with people as it was school holiday season and post covid 19 frenzy for international travel. 
After checking in I headed to the Air New Zealand business class lounge as I was flying Qatar Airways and they don’t have their own lounge at Sydney Airport. The lounge is lavishly appointed and I aqauinted myself with a few glasses of sparkling wine and some nibblies pre flight. 

Qatar A380

Qatar Airways

So after seating in my allocated 22A business seat, I got myself comfortable and was greeeted by my hostess for my 14.5 hour journey to Doha. A lovely young lady who was very accomodating, she grabbed me a couple of glasses of bubbles prior to take off and I was rather mellow for the trip ahead. It took me a while to get comfortable, in doing my research before my trip, Qatar Airways advises people in business class to dress a little more stylish. I wore leggins with boots, a baggy business shirt, belted high around the waist and a semi light weight cardigan. I felt a little over dressed after seeing half of the people dressed like they were off to a gym class, I think they need to rewrite that dress code recommendation.

Qatar Airways Business Class


Up Up and Away

Once we were in the air I got myself orgnised by hooking up all my gadgets for charging, I have a few, and threw the excess baggage and non necessities into the overhead locker ready for take off and we were en route to Doha. Buisness Comfort with Qatar Airways was a much improved experience than other airlines I’ve flown however I wasn’t overly impressed with the A380 airbus. I think they are a bit old and out dated. When I booked my flight I was rather keen to try their Q-Suite. However they are not available on the Airbus. You have to fly in their more modern planes and they are only available on certain routes. I would have had to have done a trip to Brisbane in economy and then a 5 hour layover to get a flight with Q-Suite. Mind you the bar area in the A389 was rather swish however I was at my limit after 5 glasses of bubbles and a cocktail.

Qatar Business Inlight Lounge

In Flight Experience

Now Qatar are renowned for their in flight service, and I have to admit they are spot on. As soon as we were up in the air the experience began. We started with a 4 course ala carte meal which I was expecting to be a little more on demand as advertised, I think I did too much research, however I realised it did fit with the flight pattern for the 14.5 hour journey to Doha. The food, exquisite. No faults there. Immaculate table setting and a battery powered candle, made the ambiance of a posh restaurant for one.
Now when it came to sleeping. That’s a whole different story. I am not the easiest sleeper at the best of times and the flat bed experience left me a little wanting more. Don’t get me wrong it was way better than cattle class economy on such a long flight but it still had me tossing and turning like a worm in a garden. Being tall never helps the situation so at times I often felt crammed in and claustrophobic. 

The End of Leg 1

So I managed to get about 4 hours of rough sleep after watching some in flight entertainment, my display unit was playing up so I got three quarters of the way through a movie before crashing. We we’re about two hours outside of Doha and it was time to get up and breakfast was served. A lavish spread of fruit, croissants, egg and delicious hot coffee. Definitely needed before landing. So it was then time to hit the tarmac at Hamad International Airport Doha.
Qatar Flatbed